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I’ve been excited about posting this for a while now. 
This is my Exchangerooni gift for MEG

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One of the pairings she REQUESTED for was Pickles/Skwisgaar and I thought that one needed to be tackles since they’re probably the two character that interact the least with each other on the show.

Another aspect she listed was deep platonic bonds and character’s needing each other.

So I did Skwisgaar’s interview to join Dethklok.

I really believe that Pickles was a little bit more of the driving force when it came to getting the band started. He’s a pretty well rounded musician, and was probably the one who wanted to seek Skwisgaar out to join the band.

Other than foot ball and dissecting frogs, not really is said much on Nathan’s  childhood, but I think Pickles and Skwisgaar can relate when they say that music was their saving grace.
That despite all there addictions (Be it drugs, or sex) Music has always been the most soothing remedy, or maybe it’s just the most addicting of all.

I think that’s where there bond is, through the music, because Skwisgaar really is a man a very little distinguishable words and speaks through his music, and I think Pickles gets that more than anyone.

Hope you like it! 
It was a lot of fun :)